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Executive Search & Head-Hunting Service

Executive search is a specialized recruitment service that organizations pay to seek out and recruit highly qualified candidates for senior-level and executive jobs across the public and private sectors, as well as non-profit organizations.

Mass Recruitment (Bulk Recruitment)

Mass hiring or volume hiring or bulk hiring is nothing but hiring people in a bunch for a particular company and for a specific set of projects or work. These are not niche hiring where you need to deep-dive expertise in every aspect of the job.

eRecruitment Service

“e-Recruitment System" is an online recruitment solution developed by “Enlighten Limited”. It is a fully customized application by which a corporate human resource department can significantly automate its recruitment process.

Outsourcing Employment/ Payroll Management

Payroll Processing and Management. Payroll Management provides a variety of management reports and services to help organizations manage their business.

Corporate & Public Training

Training and development involve improving the effectiveness of organizations and the individuals and teams within them. We provide the qualities of customized training to our clients.

HRIS System Software

Our Advanced HR information management system capabilities are in easy reach for companies of all sizes of the employee.

Web & Mobile App Development

We have a dedicated Software team to develop customized Software and Mobile apps. We already work with different organizations for developing their web and Apps.

Digital Marketing & Analysis

Digital marketing analysis, researches and evaluates your business, audience, and competitors to build a custom, data-driven digital marketing plan for your company. Using an online marketing analysis, your company can deliver an Internet marketing strategy that speaks to your audience - and converts them.

Online Job Portal

Our specialist and unique Online Job portal that is “Employment”. which helps companies with their automatic recruitment. It Helps to Employer as a Recruitment assistant with easy and fast.

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We Help IT Companies Scale Engineering Capacity

Enlighten Limited is committed to helping organizations to increase their productivity through better use of their human resources and to enable companies to achieve real competitive advantages. Our skills and expertise cover a wide range of HR activities and initiatives. The programs we design are developed to meet specific organizational needs. We work across all industrial sectors, employing a simple yet effective approach to each project. By developing long- term strategic partnerships with Private and Public sector organizations, we are well placed to offer "best of breed" solutions to our clients, whilst maintaining focus on the needs of our candidates.

One of the key goals for the Enlighten team is to establish a Human Resources infrastructure that supports employers, owners and managers in their current business and the future growth requirements. Enlighten works in partnership with business owners and managers to build a value-adding workforce by implementing a practical performance management system that effectively tracks the performance of individual employees.

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